Dr Louis Ko

What an excellent course! The team as a whole were thoroughly personable and enthusiastic which made for an enjoyable year. And with plenty of practical work and live surgery throughout the course, you should feel more confident in placing and restoring implants.

Dr Ian Bell
This is a course that does what is says on the can….
As the lead clinician and principal, Fazeela is also the perfect host for the program. Extending the personal care that is routinely extended to her patients to the participants of the course.
The course leads you through the complexities of implantology in a structured and informative manner. Participants have access to the practical aspects of implantology with the inclusion of regular surgical sessions where hands-on involvement is encouraged.
The course expands, effortlessly, through an extensive program; providing a comprehensive coverage of implantology while connecting with both the novice and the experienced clinician alike.
Moreover in combination with Neil Cooper and David Osborne the team are able to bring to the table a veritable wealth of knowledge and clinical skills which they are eager to share.
This is a course with career changing potential providing, as it does, not only the competence but also the confidence to place implants.