When I was first looking for a dental implant course I wanted something that would prepare me to treat patients in the most up to date manner. I wanted my treatment planning to be perfect and to find a course that would enable me to practice safely.

Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne is the lead tutor at The Royal College Of Surgeons and I can’t praise her course enough. The emphasis was on treatment planning and the course is structured, knowing what you can handle and when to refer. But we also did a considerable amount of hands on. She isn’t judgemental and gives you the confidence you need to place. The course covered a comprehensive amount of of topics such as immediate implant placement vs delayed placement.

Grafting soft and hard tissue, sinus lifts, CT interpretation, ridge mapping, restoration of implants.  Single, multiple and full arch cases, occlusion, peri-implantitis, maintenance as well as how to sell dental implants.

Prior to this course I had no experience in implant dentistry and now I have 5 cases booked in and ready to proceed. In addition to this she has an open door policy which means if I get stuck I can pick up the phone and get an opinion. There are VERY few people that genuinely offer this.

Dr Hamera Hussain

I found this to be an excellent course in many aspects. It is designed for dentists and dental specialists who want to understand both the theoretical and practical components of dental implants. The sessions were very rich in information and scientifically up to date. I really enjoyed the live surgery days which were hugely confidence building, It is probably the most hands on course around.

Having Dr Khan-Osborne as a mentor and a teacher is truly inspiring, the personal touch provided is something that no other course offers. I thoroughly recommend to anybody who is serious about learning to place and restore implants to consider The Face Year Programme course.

Dr Israr Razaq

The course leads you through the complexities of implantology in a structured and informative manner. Participants have access to the practical aspects of implantology with the inclusion of regular surgical sessions where hands-on involvement is encouraged. The course expands, effortlessly, through an extensive program; providing a comprehensive coverage of implantology while connecting with both the novice and the experienced clinician alike.
This is a course with career changing potential providing, as it does, not only the competence but also the confidence to place implants.

Dr Ian Bell

What an excellent course! The team as a whole were thoroughly personable and enthusiastic which made for an enjoyable year. And with plenty of practical work and live surgery throughout the course, you should feel more confident in placing and restoring implants.

Dr Louis Ko

Deciding to do the Fazeela Khan Osborne implant course is the best decision I have made in my professional career. Having already carried out the RCS implant diploma, I had already built quite extensive implant knowledge.

However, doing Fazeela’s course has taken my implant knowledge to a new level. Fazeela has this unique way of inspiring and motivating you to be the best that you can be. I find it amazing that after so many years of practising implant dentistry, she still has as usual amount of energy, hunger and passion to deliver such high care for her patients. This course has not only taught me to have such great pride in my work but it has also taught me importance of patient management.

Fazeela is a very successful implant dentist and by practising in Harley Street, is in one of the most prestigious areas of healthcare in the world. One may find it hard to differentiate themselves from others, however from Fazeela’s approach to her patients – you can easily see why she has been so success. As well is as well as learning about implant dentistry, Fazeela will educate you on how she managed to stand out in such a competitive area.

I have honour of calling Fazeela not only my mentor but also my friend, who is only a phone call away when I need reassurance! I feel from doing this course, I now feel confident to provide implants for my patients. If you are thinking about doing this course I would highly recommend you do it as it will change your life.

Dr Sunil Kaura